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Organizational Engineering is

A knowledge base that is being applied internationally to hundreds of different organizations. Its focus is to increase the efficiency, effectiveness, communication and coordination in groups of all kinds. These include teams, departments, divisions, committees and many other forms of goal directed organizations. Focusing on how relationships and information is structured allows groups to be "engineered" to produce superior results on a consistent basis without trying to "change" any individual.

Organizational Engineering (OE) can be applied to any type of organization and to all areas by anyone wanting to improve performance. Whether it is leadership, teams, mentoring, coaching, culture or diversity, OE can be applied. (read more)

The Institute is

A forum for the exchange of knowledge. Its interest centers on advancements and applications by people who are using the technology in practice. For over 10 years the Institute has served to broaden the reach of Organizational Engineering. The Institute has documented the growth of the discipline from its early applications to single individuals through its application to teams to its current focus on culture. This site offers this information free of charge to all who are interested in the subject. Members enjoy additional benefits. (read more)

Current Notices

Italian Version of "I Opt"

The " I Opt" Survey is now available in Italian. Other languages include Portuguese, Spanish and Japanese.

Emotional Impact Report

Work is now proceeding on a new report that takes a sociological view of Emotional Intelligence. It assesses the emotions that a person is likely to cause in others as they navigate life. This contrasts with EI that looks at handling emotions that one experiences. Contact us if you would like to participate in the R&D.

Advanced Leader/Coaching On-Line

The Advanced Leader and Coaching Reports are now available. In September they will be put on-line. They will be available for unlimited use users without added charge. Direct Access users can also access them through the system. Visit I Opt for content and access information.

Career Report On-Line

The Career Report is now available. This report will also be available on-line in September. Visit I Opt for content and access information.


The Institute has revamped its certification course. It is now structured to conclude at 2PM on the second day so it is easier to make airline connections. Those who choose to stay beyond 2PM can receive personal consultations with Dr. Salton on matters of interest and relevance to them. Contact Us for more information.

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