Organizational Engineering Institute Members

Membership in the Organizational Engineering Institute is automatic upon certification at any level. It is free of charge and requires only that contact information (e.g., phone, email, address, etc.) be maintained.

Members are invited to participate in ongoing R&D efforts, are given a preferred position in access to new products/technologies and receive periodic professional publications. They also recieve discounts on any activities or publications offered by the institute.

Resume/Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Members are invited to list their professional qualifications and contact information on this site. This is offered by the Institute as a service and is not required. Members that have elected to make themselves visible are listed below.

The Institute makes an active effort to promote the visibility of members who choose to take advantage of this service. They are highlighted on search engines and are actively promoted by the Institute in its personal dealings with clients and others to whom it has communication.

Member Profiles