Howard K. Gandelot

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Gandelot & Associates, Inc.

273 NE Mullett Lake Road Indian River, MI 49749

Certified Organizational Engineer III

About the company

Gandelot and Associates, Inc. is a consulting firm launched in 1995. The firm favors the use of process-oriented methods such as Business Process Reengineering, TQM, ISO 9000, Six Sigma and similar technologies. The firm’s POD (point of difference) is its ability to integrate people and organizational units seamlessly into the improved business practices. The firms stated mission is to generate substantially improved business results through people and processes. The firm’s client list includes automotive, healthcare, government, financial and manufacturing organizations among others.


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Prior to starting his own firm, Mr. Gandelot had a 26-year career with Procter & Gamble. During his tenure he held senior management positions in R&D, engineering and manufacturing. His career exposed him to multiple products including soap, food and paper at both domestic and international locations. During this period Mr. Gandelot was exposed to quality management. He introduced the first Demming-based quality improvement projects at P&G. He developed a deep interest in the technology and did post graduate work at a variety of locations acquiring expert level capabilities in all major quality/process methodologies.

Mr. Gandelot has held multiple long-term engagements with various firms. He favors working with senior management to establish the goals and strategies needed to achieve their objectives. He then acts as an organizational coach guiding both senior and the lower organizational levels toward their achievement. This approach is very economical since the firm itself actually conducts the change process. It also houses the knowledge with the firm’s own staff thus helping to insure that the gains can be sustained and enhanced over time.

Mr. Gandelot holds degrees in chemical and metallurgical engineering from the University of Michigan. His post graduate work has included studies at Stanford, Harvard, the University of Michigan, University of Tennessee and the Goldratt Institute among others. He is active in community affairs and has served three terms on the City Council of Wyoming, OH while he was a resident of that state.