Neil Simon

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Chief Executive Officer

Business Development Group, Inc.

220 E. Huron, Suite #250, Ann Arbor, MI 48104

Certified Organizational Engineer I

About the company

Neil Simon is the Chief Executive Officer of Business Development Group, based in Ann Arbor, Michigan USA. The firm specializes in strategy with a focus on strategy design and implementation. It works directly with organizations to strategize, innovate, design, or re-design processes, departments, divisions, and/or entire organizations through a collaborative approach to optimize organizational performance.


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Mr. Simon founded the Business Development Group in 1985 and brings over 30 years experience in working with organizations and individuals. Mr. Simon has worked with firms in the Advertising, Automotive, Chemical, Communications, Distribution, Education, Energy, Financial Services, Fashion, Government, Health Care Systems, Technology, Insurance, Labor-Management, Manufacturing, Not-For-Profit, Pharmaceutical, Professional Services, Public Utilities, Real Estate, and Transportation Industries at all levels from board levels and CEO’s to departmental management.

Mr. Simon commands a variety of techniques, skills and methodologies that can be applied to improve performance. He most heavily relies on a proprietary methodology he created called A2D4 Self Designing Organization Approach. The technique guides clients through a self-design process that produces sustainable change in the basic work, support and leadership processes within the culture of the organization.

In addition to consulting, he lectures and presents interactive workshops on an international basis. These typically focus on to organizational culture, organizational change, and organizational and individual performance.

He has published over eighty articles in business, clinical, and health care journals. His most recent book, Navigating in a Sea of Change. It is a study of current competitive intelligence practices and strategies in the global business environment.

Mr. Simon holds a M.S. degree in Educational Psychology from Eastern Michigan University and conducted his post-graduate studies at the Fielding Institute in Santa Barbara, California. He holds staff appointments at several colleges and universities