Fields, Ashley F., DBA

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Director, Organization/Management Development & Diversity

BMC Software

2101 City West Blvd. Suite 4. 1908A, Houston, TX 77042

Certified Organizational Engineer III and Contributor

About the Company

BMC Software Inc. (NYSE: BMC) is a leading provider of enterprise management solutions that empower companies to manage their IT infrastructure using a business rather than technical perspective. BMC’s Business Service Management delivers software solutions that span the entire range of enterprise systems including applications, databases and service management.

Founded in 1980, BMC has grown to a firm with about 7,000 employees and over $1.4 billion in fiscal 20[04 revenues. BMC’s corporate headquarters are located in Houston, TX and it maintains international headquarters Amsterdam and Singapore. Its website can be reviewed at

Dr. Fields has 25 years of experience in various faculty, management and consulting positions in universities, energy/petrochemical and in the software industries. He has provided counsel to senior management on strategic, managerial and policy issues at corporate, divisional and operating locations.

Dr. Fields has demonstrated skills in organizational diagnostics and interventions. He commands the full range of traditional methods as well as having high skills at the more advanced levels of Organizational Engineering technology. He maintains a special interest in leadership as well as coaching and mentoring at higher organizational levels.


Co-Author "Understanding and Optimizing Team Learning" Journal of Applied Management and Entrepreneurship, Vol 5, No 1, September, 1999, pp. 48-60.

Author, "Intuition Engineering." Journal of Organizational Engineering, Vol. 2, No 3, July 2001.

Cited and quoted as a thought leader in learning. "The Perfect Learner: An Expert Debate on Learning Styles," Training Magazine, May, 2002, pp. 28-35

A Study of Intuition in Decision-Making Using Organizational Engineering Methodology, a Dissertation by Dr. Ashley Fields.


Dr Fields is active in a wide variety of professional organizations as a member, officer and board member. He is also a member of the Advisiory Committee of the Organizational Engineering Institute