Monique B. Carnino

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Managing Partner

Know How Now Business Management Solutions CC

P.O. Box 4930
Dainfern North
Sandton 2174
Gauteng, South Africa

Certified Organizational Engineer

About the company

Know How Now Business Management Solutions CC ( is an international consultancy launched in 2010. The firm is a general consultancy with a differentiated focus and methodology.

The focus of the firm is to resolve a client's team, organizational and individual issues efficiently, effectively and conclusively. We do this in a way that equips the client to minimize future exposures to similar or related situations. Our goal is to improve our client's business on a sustained basis.

The stepped model we use is both simple and powerful. The first step is to identify and prioritize needed improvements. Our methods capture and extend existing pockets of excellence already in place. We want to leverage what is already there.

The second step is to visualize the desired future. Our technology translates this vision into solid goals and specific initiatives aligned in a way that creates a synergistic energy directed toward issue resolution.

The final stage involves fashioning and deploying the operational tools, methods and processes needed to actually realize envisioned goal(s).

The firm is experienced in deploying the methodology outlined in the areas of organizational development, strategic planning, talent/change/project management and executive/team coaching/mentoring. The firm prides itself on delivering these services with consistency, integrity and objectivity. These qualities combine with exceptional skill in human interaction to produce practical results of high and lasting value to our clients.


Monique Carnino is an experienced executive who brings 15 years of high level, proven experience to the firm and to her clients.

Ms. Carnino has honed the methods being employed by the consultancy in a variety of environments and across a number of diverse subject areas.

She has worked in and with several Fortune 500 firms and has operated competently in complex, as well as more spontaneous, entrepreneurial environments. Within these situations, Ms. Carnino has functioned effectively alongside all levels, from senior corporate officer to operating staffs. She is comfortable in multi-cultural settings and has successfully deployed her skills in over 50 countries across 5 continents.

Ms. Carnino's focus centers on improving human performance in an organizational, team and individual context. She has demonstrated skills in strategic planning, organizational design and development, talent/change/project management, advanced facilitation and in executive and team coaching. Extensive professional and academic training and education reinforce these skills, ensuring that they are up-to-date and relevant.

Ms. Carnino also brings with her an extensive global network of highly skilled contacts, associates and colleagues that she has cultivated and maintained over her career. She is able to call upon them to address specialized industry, functional or cultural client issues, thereby enabling her clients to have immediate access to the right resources that promptly and effectively address their specific business challenges.

Ms. Carnino resides in Johannesburg, South Africa.