Brett Hodge

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President and Chief Consultant Organizational Effectiveness Consulting Inc.

6070 N. Upper Beanblossom Road Morgantown, IN 46160

Certified Organizational Engineer III

About the company

Organizational Effectiveness Consulting, Inc. (OEC) was formed in 1995. It is an Organizational Development consulting firm specializing in human factors optimization. The firm offers a wide array of tools, techniques, methods and interventions. It has developed a particular expertise in addressing group issues on both an individual group and company wide basis. The firm’s client base includes multiple industrial firms, retail businesses, churches, government agencies and school systems.


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Mr. Hodge has over 12 years experience in organizational development. Prior to starting his own firm Mr. Hodge was associated with the Business Resource Group, a firm that provided employee assistance programs for many firms in Southern Indiana. Before venturing into consulting Mr. Hodge held professional positions in the Social Work Department of a private hospital as well as at the Luther Child Center in Everett, Washington. These early experiences honed an ability to quickly establish trust and rapport in even difficult situations.

In addition to work with his own firm, Mr. Hodge is an adjunct consultant for the Professional Development Center at Indiana University's Outdoor Leadership Center at Bradford Woods, as well as an Associate of the Organizational Development Alliance. He has developed various proprietary techniques, approaches and programs that have proven effective and reliable in addressing issues commonly faced in organized settings.

Mr. Hodge holds undergraduate degree in social work as well as a master's degree in social work from Indiana University with an emphasis on group dynamics. In addition to Organizational Engineering, Mr. Hodge holds certifications in multiple technologies involved in human factors development.