Denise O'Berry

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The Small Business Edge Corp.

14138 Pelham Lane Suite C, Odessa, FL 33556

Certified Organizational Engineer II

About the company

Small Business Edge was launched in 1996. It specializes in small organizations (under 2,000 people). The primary arenas of the firm are leadership, quality, organizational design and effectiveness. The close proximity of customers to the entire organizational structure requires that strategies, programs and interventions be customized for each client. Minor misalignments can have major effects on smaller organizations. The firm has developed a variety of tools, techniques, processes and approaches that allow accurate customizations to be done quickly and cost effectively. Clients of small Business Edge include subsidiaries of major firms and a host of entrepreneurial ventures in all economic sectors.


Prior to launching her own firm, Ms. O’Berry had a 20-year career in telecommunications. During her tenure, Ms. O’Berry served in a variety of professional positions that covered the spectrum of organizational design and development issues. She has successfully worked with most business functions. These include manufacturing, sales, customer service and information technology in both domestic and international venues.

In addition to her consulting, coaching and training activities Ms. O’Berry contributes a weekly newspaper column on small business subjects. Publications such as Entrepreneur, Bank Rate Small Business, Florida Trend and other publications call on her for opinions and observations. She also acts as a subject matter expert on small business issues for radio and television programs of various kinds.


Pease contact Denise directly regarding her availability.