Roberto Rymer

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People Solutions Consulting

Epitácio Pessoa 2214 apt 202, 22411-070 Rio de Janeiro, BRAZIL

Certified Organizational Engineer I

About the company

People Solutions Consulting is a start-up consulting firm that will capitalize on Mr. Rymer’s 20-year experience as a professional in human factors. The firm intends to leverage results in sales, corporate and manufacturing areas. The point of difference (POD) of the firm is its multi-lingual capacities and its "hands on" experience in integrating people originating in multiple cultures. The firm uses various tools and processes to link people from divergent cultures to the company strategy and focuses them on the delivery of business results. The firm is currently targeting client firms located in South America that have international interests.


Prior to starting his own firm, Mr. Rymer spent 20 years with Praxair, the leading worldwide supplier of industrial gases with annual sales of about $5 billion. During his tenure with Praxair, Mr. Rymer held various positions in Brazil, and the United States. In these capacities, Mr. Rymer was responsible for a variety of human factor functions including compensation, benefits, recruiting, selection, training and development and other similar Human Resource activities. He also had previous responsibility over Strategic Planning, Finance, Production and Industrial Engineering.

In addition to typical human factor functions, Mr. Rymer counts among his major achievements his work in designing and implementing a complete reorientation of the human factor elements of the sales function. This effort included work in compensation, training, career path revisions as well as group and individual assessments. This effort effectively addressed the market share loss and retention problems being experienced in a major division of the firm.

Other major achievements included proposing, designing and implementing the Global Leaders Program. This program provided leadership training in the context of real organizational issues. The results of the process were corporate growth initiatives that were assessed and considered by the Office of the Chairman of the firm. Other efforts worthy of note include the design and implementation of a Global Competency model, Global Coaching process, variable compensation programs and various tools for measuring the human factors condition on a global basis.

Mr. Rymer holds a Masters degree in Engineering Management, a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial and Mechanical Engineering as well as an Executive MBA.