Robert W. Mitchell

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Agrilink Vegetable Co., Inc.

520 N. Broadway, PO Box 19027

Green Bay, WI 54307-3451

Certified Organizational Engineer II

About the company

Agrilink Vegetable Co. processes and markets fruits, vegetables and grains under branded, private label and foodservice labels. Agrilink markets its products under well-known regional and national brands as well as under private label brands. Familiar brands include Birds Eye, Freshlike, Veg-All, Comstock, McKensies, Silver Floss and Wilderness.


Corporate member National Food Processors Association, professional member Institute of Food Technologists and member of the Advisory Committee of the Flexographic Technical Association.


Mr. Mitchell has over 30 years experience various technical and executive positions with Clorox, International Paper, Hunt-Wesson, Dean Foods Vegetable Company and Agrilink. Mr. Mitchell has managed the R&D development efforts for such items as Baby Vegetables, Birds Eyed Pasta Secrets, Chicken Voila and Simply Grillin'. He has also lead product development in support of private label and food service partners such as Wal-Mart, Kroger, Ahold, Sysco and Alliant.

Mr. Mitchell principal area of technical expertise is in packaging and laboratory aspects of the culinary arts. In these areas, Mr. Mitchell led the transition to plastic bottling for Wesson Oil and Hunts Ketchup as well as the susceptor package of Orville Redenbacher popcorn. He has also been responsible for building, staffing and managing laboratory facilities. Mr. Mitchell also created policies, standards and operating procedures to institutionalize high quality laboratory operation.

Mr. Mitchell has lead the introduction Organizational Engineering technology into technical and creative areas of R&D. He has engineered groups to specifically address business issues such as creative idea generation, market research, analysis of options and technical issue resolution. These efforts have lead to an exceptional record of on time, under-budget and better than forecast product performance.