Don Mroz, Ph.D.

Photo of Don Mroz, Ph.D.

Managing Partner

Waves of Change Partnership

268 Madaket Road, Nantucket, MA 02554

Certified Organizational Engineer III

About the Company

Waves of Change Partnership is a partnership of Don Mroz and Susan Lapine. The firm has a track record of 20 years of successful consulting engagements.

Over the years of its existence, the firm has assembled a stable of expert level consultants that can be engaged for particular assignments. Each of these an expert in their own right and is prepared to work with the firm because of its history of interesting assignments and fair dealing for all with whom it is involved.

The Waves of Change model insures that no assignment beyond the resources of the firm. It also insures that clients always receive services of the highest quality, reliably delivered


Dr. Mroz holds multiple academic degrees. These include a Ph.D. and a Master of Science in Human & Organizational Systems, a Masters degree in Guidance & Counseling and a bachelorís degree in Industry and Technology.

Dr. Mroz has deployed and refined his academic knowledge broadly. His clients include Apple Computer, Coca-Cola, Ford, Empire BC/BS, Alcoa Aerospace and Dominos Pizza among many other large and small firms.

In the process of deploying his academic knowledge Dr. Mroz has gained extensive experience and expert level status in Change Management, Organizational Learning, Innovation, Group Processes and Organizational Development. He has a particular interest in working with groups in learning, innovating and cultural change.

Dr. Mroz has also maintained close relationships with academic institutions. He served as an adjunct Professor for the University of Michigan for 6 years and continues to maintain his relationship through work with its Executive Education Center. He periodically teaches classes and workshops at other universities such as the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill.