Rick Norman

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Independent Consultant

1106 Congressional Lane, Wilmington, NC 24811

Certified Organizational Engineer III and Contributor

  • Office: (910) 686-3815
  • Mobile: (910) 681-3815
  • Fax: (910) 681-0542
  • email: rnorman@aol.com


Mr. Norman has over 26 years experience in both professional and consulting venues. He began his career with an engineering degree from the US Military Academy, West Point. After concluding his military obligations, Mr. Norman spent 5 years in professional engineering positions primarily focused on CAD/CAM and Decision Support Systems.

Mr. Norman moved into consulting in 1987 by joining a firm whose focus was on quality management systems. He worked in various capacities involving technical, marketing and customer service roles. During this period he became involved in training others in quality systems methodologies (e.g., QFD and VOC). He accomplished this through both traditional and computer based training techniques.

In 1993 Mr. Norman co-founded Barnard-Norman Associates, a consulting firm that focused on improving managerial systems in product development, quality and customer service. The firm employed organizational engineering technology in creating organizational structures that served the objectives of the client firm. This integration of organization development with formal procedures and methods proved to be a POD (point of difference) that allowed the firm to prosper in a variety of corporate settings.

In 2005, Mr. Norman joined forces with Strategyn, Inc., a pioneer in applying Six-Sigma thinking to improve the innovation process in business. These techniques can be viewed at their website at www.strategyn.com. In his current practice, Mr. Norman applies OE technology to help organizations become Outcome-Driven Organizations.

Mr. Norman’s client base includes a variety of firms and has involved products in the healthcare, software, consumer products, services and industrial arenas. He is co-author of the book Customer Integration, The QFD Leader’s Guide For Decision Making, has held a position of Associate Professor in CAD and is active in a variety of professional associations.


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