Carol Prawdzik

Photo of Carol Prawdzik

Guidance Counselor

Carlson High School

30550 West Jefferson, Gibraltar, MI 48173

Foundation Level Organizational Engineer


Oscar A. Carlson High School offers public education in grades 9 through 12. The school has about 850 students and maintains an average student to teacher ratio of about 20 to 1. All students are provided with computer skills (emphasizing Microsoft Office) and 94% use the network computing facilities in any 9-week period. The school prides itself on providing an individually designed curriculum for every student attending.


Ms. Prawdzik is a professional counselor with over 27 years experience in the field. In this capacity she provides advice to students, parents and to teachers who are charged with instructing the students in various academic fields. She provides guidance in areas such as careers, colleges and personal life issues.

Ms. Prawdzik’s primary focus is on the well being of the students who are put into her care. However, she has also maintained active professional affiliations to help insure that her skills remain current. She is an active participant and/or leader in such groups as professional development workshops, counselor networks, career development associations and the Michigan Education Association. In addition to these activities, Ms. Prawdzik has contributed various programs, procedures and publications which are now serving the administration and student body of Carlson High School.

Ms. Prawdzik holds a Masters degree in Guidance and Counseling, a Bachelor Degree in Education and is a Licensed Professional Counselor. She has taken advanced coursework at various universities in the United States and England. She is currently an active member in seven professional associations and holds a leadership position in two of them. In addition to her professional interests, Ms. Prawdzik is co-owner of Gradquest Publications, a publisher of career and education titles directed at educators, parents and students.