Marie-Claire Junge

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Managing Director & Executive Coach

InMotion Ltd.

42, Tempon Street
Office 301
2408 Engomi
Nicosia, CYPRUS

Certified Organizational Engineer II

About the company

InMotion Ltd. ( is an international consultancy launched in 2010 and built on the 21 years of international, high level experience of its Managing Director.

The firm provides general management consultancy but is especially effective in cross-cultural situations. Demonstrated excellence in leadership development, executive (team) coaching, diversity and change management are among the specific skills available.

The forums under which the firm works are varied and dictated by the needs of the client. Individual interaction, intact groups, general audiences and teams can be addressed with equal effectiveness.

The firm can field an extensive array of trusted, experienced associates for situations that demand additional resources. Access to individuals who have specialized industry specific experience and/or who offer exceptional competencies in particular areas can be enlisted for all or parts of a particular assignment.

The firm brings with it a paradigm of change and improvement that has been repeatedly proven in diverse situations. The method involves quickly building a firm foundation on which progress can be grounded, developing the skills/postures/environment needed to execute improvements and then helping to guide development as it compounds itself into the future.

Exceptional competency, trustworthy behavior and demonstrated results is the tripod on which clients can depend over the short and long-term future.


Marie-Claire Junge is an experienced executive who has specialized in organizational development over a 21 year career.

Ms. Junge has extensive experience in working with high level individuals and groups in a number of Fortune 500 firms. She is sensitive to the needs, limits and opportunities available at these levels and designs her interventions accordingly. The result is recognized performance improvement that consistently exceeds expectations.

Ms. Junge's experience includes work in Oman, United Arab Emirates and other parts of the Middle East, Gabon, Russia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Baltics, Greece, Italy, England, Ireland, Austria and Switzerland with multicultural teams. This wide exposure has equipped her with a cultural sensitivity that she brings to bear in completing the various assignments which she accepts.

Virtual environments have become an increasingly common and cost effective method of addressing organizational issues. Ms. Junge has participated in the development of this technology from its onset and is particularly effective in insuring that it is used to maximum advantage while avoiding its pitfalls. She employs this knowledge both in working with clients and colleagues in virtual settings.

In addition to her work on client specific issues and opportunities, Ms. Junge is an effective and inspirational speaker. She is able to engage a room, enable the audience to see new possibilities and to expand their horizons to the benefit of all involved.