Camden C. Danielson

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MESA Research Group

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Bloomington, IN 47401

Certified Organizational Engineer

About the Company

MESA is a business management advisory firm with established competence in a variety of areas. These include:

  • Strategy - Articulation, Alignment, Execution
  • Corporate Identity Definition and Deployment
  • Breakthrough Strategies-Quantum Improvement
  • People Strategies for Breakthrough Performance
  • Implementation Management
  • Venture Development/Investment Readiness
  • Business Development

The theme running through all of MESA's service offerings is well-researched structured methods that have been proven in actual "hands on" practice.

MESA's capabilities are founded on a staff of experts who have independantly demonstrated exceptional competence. This competence is magnified by their ability to work together to quickly and competently resolve difficlt and complex issues that extend across many functional, business and market areas.

In the area of People Strategies MESA offers proven programs in organizational design, executive development, performance management and functional architecture and process.

MESA's people management strategies are targeted toward aligning people, processes and organization such that individual competencies complement and magnify each other. The result is a level of performance that cannot be easily duplicated by competitors. Using this strategy MESA is able to convert human organization and development into a sustainable competitive advantage.


"Cam" Danielson's credentials include 20 years of leading the office of executive education at the Kelly School of Business, Indiana University. During this time he developed, managed and executed multiple programs designed to meet the specific objectives of the firms and institutions engaging the services of Indiana University.

Mr. Danielson has demonstrated competence in the design and execution of executive development programs. In addition to the traditional areas of executive development, Mr. Danielson is able to add specific insights that are tailored to the needs of the individuals in the group as well as to the environment in which they are likely to practice.

Team building is another area where Mr. Danielson excels. Using technology that he commands in depth, he is able to rapidly develop a team's synergistic qualities and target them specifically at the team's mission and immediate objectives. The result is an almost instant improvement in team performance that then proceeds to grow even stronger over time.

Corporate level learning strategies, personalized coaching for senior level executives, change management, corporate integration (e.g., mergers and acquisitions) are other areas of strength.

Mr. Danielson's client roster includes a host of major firms in the United States, Europe and Asia. The list is too extensive to be cited here but is available on request.

Mr. Danielson is currently Director of the Global Leadership Program, a consortium of major companies on three continents focused on the development of exceptional senior leadership performance. He also leads a MESA team in delivery of the Enterprise Leadership Programs for ExxonMobil in Europe and Asia.