Cynthia M. Scheuer

Photo of Cynthia M. Scheuer

Academic Clinical Coordinator

Henry Ford Community College

5101 Evergreen, Dearborn, MI 48128

Foundation Level Organizational Engineer


Henry Ford Community College (HFCC) is a fully accredited institution of higher learning. It has a student body of about 21,300 students and has a fulltime faculty of approximately 200. The college offers associate degree programs in 41 subjects and non-degree programs in 17 additional subject areas. The campus has 14 buildings with approximate 750,000 square feet of floor space. The school is particularly strong in the physical sciences, health care and liberal arts.


Ms. Scheuer is responsible for managing the clinical education program in Physical Therapy at HFCC. In this capacity, she is responsible for program development, management, and recruiting. In addition to her administrative duties, Ms. Scheuer is an instructor in the program and an academic advisor to students.

Prior to joining Henry Ford Community College, Ms. Scheuer was an active health care practitioner. She served as Rehabilitation Services manager for a major health care system. Before this she was a Physical Therapist for various hospitals and rehabilitation institutes. Ms. Scheuer’s philosophy can be summarized as "those that teach should also be able to do."

Ms. Scheuer is engaged in a variety of professional activities. She is involved in mentoring programs, the Detroit area Council on Education and serves on the CTEI Advisory Board at HFCC.

Ms. Scheuer holds a Masters in Health Care Administration and a Bachelors in Physical Therapy. She holds accreditation in Physical Therapy and Clinical Instruction. She has extensive supplemental education in areas such as geriatrics, neurolinguistics, myofacial release, lumbar stabilization and other areas of specific concern.