John F. Stepanek

Photo of John F. Stepanek

Manager, Organizational Development

Teco Energy Company

702 Franklin, Tampa, FL 33602

Certified Organizational Engineer III and Contributor

About the company

Teco Energy is a holding company whose interests includes Tampa Electric, Peoples Gas, barge lines, coal mines and independent power generation plants. The firm has about 6,300 employees and has revenue of approximately $2.6 billion. The firm is listed on the NYSE and has a revenue and profit growth rate of about 15%.


Author, 'Organizational Optimization at Tampa Electric Company," The Practitioner, the Journal of the Organization Development Network.

Author, "Organizational Engineering Follow-up," Journal of Organizational Engineering, December, 2002.


Mr. Stepanek’s has over 20 years professional experience with a primary focus on organizational issues. Prior to his present role, Mr. Stepanek has served as a consultant to all levels of management on matters of organizational productivity and change. He has also held positions in finance, quality and industrial engineering functions.

Mr. Stepanek’s contributions have included participation in the design and execution of new methods of aligning workgroups to insure the optimal functioning of large business units. The technology was applied at a new power station and met with both operational success and senior management approval.

Mr. Stepanek holds an MBA and has extensive additional education in a variety of technologies in both the organization and quality areas. He has held officer positions in professional quality associations (AQP) and with local school systems.