"Strategy Definition" Strategy

The "I Opt" style of Hypothetical Analyzer (HA) can absorb considerable time in considering issues in depth. They think through all aspects of an issue. This is the value that they contribute in group settings.

A problem can arise when their are multiple strongly committed HAs in a group. Each HA can view an issue form a somewhat different perspective. Each perspective can give rise to divergent analyses that can be difficult to reconcile. The result can be a never ending analysis as attempts are made to align the various tangents represented in the group.

This situation is likely to be encountered when there are three or more strong HAs who represent a significant percentage of the entire group. If this situation does arise, the group should consider adopting a rule such as:

"The group will agree on a common strategic approach before engaging any significant resources in analysis, evaluation or planning. The strategy will define the scope to the areas to be considered, the appropriate depth of analysis and the specific decision (or action) the analysis/plan is intended to support."

What the rule does is to target the scope of HA thinking. Left to their own devices, HAs can be extremely wide-ranging. Even with the rule, some divergence can be expected. However, the confined zone will make reconciliation feasible.

Gary Salton

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