Defocus Strategy

The "I Opt" Logical Processor (LP) can focus deeply on any issue. This can cause them to see minor issues as major considerations. If multiple LP’s are present, this can lead to extended discussions on items of minor consequence.

LP’s tend to be very methodical in the resolution of issues. Small divergences in assumptions can lead different people along different tracks. When the divergence becomes visible, it can cause people to "protect" the chain of reasoning that they have invested in. Emotional commitments can come into play if the divergence does not easily reconcile. If this happens, a persistent tension can be created and progress can be stopped cold.

One strategy for resolving this condition when it occurs is to defocus the group. In other words, require all participants to focus exclusively on "what" the resolution method will address. During this period, comments on "how", "why" and "when" should not be allowed. This automatically limits the differences to one dimension.

Defocusing can cause new variables/considerations to become visible. This can also reweigh the variables already under consideration. The new variables and reweighting existing variables is what makes reconciliation possible. The probability of reaching a mutually satisfactory outcome increases.

Gary Salton

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