Relation to Psychology

Psychology is the science of "the mind or of mental states and processes" (Random House Unabridged Dictionary, 2006). For the mind to be engaged or for mental processes or states to be effected there must be an event or occurrence. In other words, an information flow of some kind is a precondition for the study of psychology.

"I Opt" measurement and Organizational Engineering processes are based on pure information processing theory. They focus on method (the character of input) and mode (output preferences). The character of these input and output processes provide the raw material for psychological processes to operate. Effectively, "I Opt" stands in the same relation to psychology as chemistry does to physics.

For example, to do any form of psychology a person MUST first engage in some kind of information transfer. Any form of information transfer will be "screened" by method and mode. This applies to internal self-interrogation as well as third party research.

Chemistry cannot violate the laws of physics. Similarly, Psychology cannot violate the "laws" of information processing. Any "truth" discovered by chemistry will fall within fall within the laws of physics. Any "truth" discovered by psychology will be consistent with Organizational Engineering laws method and mode.

The practical consequences of this necessary condition is that "I Opt" will not contradict any valid and legitimate psychological theory or intervention. Psychology can add, expand or exemplify but will not contradict Organizational Engineering.

Gary Salton

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