Task Restart Capability

"Firefighting" is the ability to drop a task before completion and then return to it at a later point. This skill implies the ability to restart a task with minimum penalty. Jobs that involve frequent interruptions would value this capacity.

People using a structured input strategy (Logical Processor-LP or Hypothetical Analyzer-HA) are least equipped to handle this condition. The reason is that they tend to use more detail in addressing an issue. This information must be reassembled and the structure being used must be reestablished.

People using un patterned strategies (Reactive Stimulator-RS or Relational Innovator-RI) use less detail and tend to target adequacy rather than excellence as an outcome. They tend to improvise so there is less value in knowing all of the circumstances at the point they left off. The result is a cheaper and faster restart capability.

Knowledge of this bias can be useful. Jobs that involve frequent interruptions will be better served by people who use an un patterned strategy. "Rationalization" of work flows will be more valuable to people who employ structured approaches.

Gary Salton

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