The Downside of Focus

"Out-of-the-Box" creativity is a direct result of unfocused thinking. The "I Opt" strategic style of Relational Innovator is particularly good at making these contributions. This capacity is imbedded in the RIs unpatterned input strategy.

RI's tend to entertain random thought streams in rapid sequence. These thought streams can be generated by environmental variables as well as internal factors. The RI makes no attempt to control this stream. As a result, a bias toward discovering unexpected relationships is created. There are simply more different relationships being considered.

The RI's focus is on "what." They center attention on the meaning of the issue. By not confining the issue to the defined arena the RI opens an even wider area for creativity. The net result of these processes are a virtual unending stream of new, groundbreaking ideas.

"Teaching" an RI to focus can be counterproductive if the goal is to maintain an innovation stream. Focusing involuntarily restricts reasoning to a particular chain. This reduces the probability of innovative insights.

Also, keep in mind that the RI strategy is a means of navigating life. It is not something that is turned on and off. Efforts to "improve" the RI by increasing their focus are likely to "kill the golden goose." Care is advised.

Gary Salton

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